About me

I am a Personal/Life Coach. After years of struggling to know the answers to why, I have finally arrived at this moment in my life where I embraced my destiny.

Being happy

Figure out your values and align your life to them.Figure out your values and align your life to them.

Fulfilling potencial

Overcome roadblocks and accomplish goals.

Making changes

Get over fears and change your job or habits.

Finding balance

Breathe, relax, and become content with your world.

What my clients say

Rasheed A.


I went to see Abeer Jabaji when I was at my lowest point in my life. I lost my Job and my wife has left me because I had a drinking problem. I was a shell of a man full of pain and regret. I needed someone to give me hope and put me on my path again. Abeer helped me identify my triggers and helped me get over my problem after I enrolled in a good program to get rid of my habit, suddenly everything started looking brighter and I had hope again. Abeer helped me every step of the way till I found my life gain. I now work in a good company and I see my kids regularly. Thank you Abeer, you have saved my life.

Jamal Saleh

Loan Officer

I work in a job that I absoutely hate! Each morning, I drag myself out of bed and just wait for the weekend to come. I thought I had no other choice and that would be my life forever. I needed the money and couldn’t think of alternatives. Abeer showed me that it doesn’t have to be this way; she helped me find my true passion which was flying. As a kid I always had this dream. I haven’t quit my job yet but I have enrolled in an aviation school as a part time. It was hard to come up with the money but I am working extra hours for that. I know that one day I will become a pilot. Abeer made me see that you can achieve your dreams no matter what and that nothing is impossible.

Aisha Saeed


My husband passed away and left me with two little kids and no money after his brothers took everything. My own family was poor and barely could take care of themselves. I never worked before and I didn't know where or how to start. I needed a direction and a plan. The moment I had my first session with Abeer Jabaji I knew that I came to the right place. Abeer helped me formulate a goal and a plan to carry it through. She showed me compassion and support and brought my strenghts and talents to light. She helped me turn my life around. I started from my home a small catering buisness using my love for cooking. Today my business is thriving and I have moved to a location of my own with five employees. I can now rest that my children are well provided for as well as my older parents. Thank you Abeer for helping me find my way.

Lina Radwan


After losing my job, and losing my family, I had no money and no hope left,  I was on my own.. I thought my life was coming to an end untill I came across personal coach Abeer Jabaji....after just a few sessions, she redirected me onto the right path by helping me come up with a plan and by helping to boost my confidence once again to realize that I didn't need anyone but myself... I just landed my dream job, and my family is giving me another chance... I'm as happy as ever, all thanks to Abeer Jabaji for helping me stand back on my own two feet and for believing in me...

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