Yes Frequency

by Gary Quinn

The-Yes-Frequency trimmedThere is a vibrational frequency inside your words, similar to the way your voice has a particular tone and the music of your tone influences how people react to you. The vibration and a frequency inside your words dictates how the universe perceives your intentions.

In teaching The YES Frequency, and searching for how best to formulate and share this technique, I first thought it pertinent to consider the word YES itself . So I pulled out a dictionary, and here is the definition of the word:

Yes (ys) adv.

It is so; as you say or ask. Used to express affirmation, agreement, positive confirmation, or consent. n. pl. yes·es

1. An affirmative or consenting reply.

2. An affirmative vote or voter.

tr.v. yessed, yes·sing, yes·es

To give an affirmative reply to.


Used to express great satisfaction, approval, or happiness.

It is interesting to read the actual definitions of the words we use every day. The techniques I use in this book will unravel the patterns of your vocabulary and show you how every single word you choose now forecasts your future. What awaits you if you are willing to trust the unlimited frequency of YES will be an extraordinarily rewarding life, one that has unlimited possibilities. The YES Frequency embodies all the “hopes and dreams” of your life.

We are not talking about saying yes to any negative issues, situations, or happenings—obviously, that would be counterproductive. The mind is a complicated animal; it is always trying to make a judgment or attachment to each thought and experience, cataloging it as a good or bad one. We need to move beyond this instinct.

Trusting the frequency experience of YES creates a powerful force inside you. The oneness we all long for is in this experience. It is not based on who we are, what we have, or where we think we are going in the future; it is based on the truth that we are divine beings, part of the powerful force that lies within us, the same force that creates the beauty of our earth and the infinite universe in which we reside.

Consciously or unconsciously, we are all in alignment with this loving force. The YES Frequency is in this moment—not yesterday’s moment and not tomorrow’s, but within this very moment. We develop habits and levels of trust based on the conditions of our past, but embracing the moment we find ourselves in takes more than this. We must be willing to transform and heal the past, so that we can truly live in the present.

You need to be aligned emotionally to be connected to The YES Frequency. This isn’t as hard as it sounds. You already have the ability to be aligned this way and to tap into The YES Frequency; you just do not know how to unlock it yet.

Let me introduce you to the word YES. YES gives off a great vibration. YES gives off an energy that lights up your being from the inside out. Imagine what your current life would be if you allowed YES to rule not only this moment but the day and the week. I know you will be quite surprised by the results.

Take a moment and think how you feel when you hear the word YES. For most of us, it is uplifting for all the obvious reasons. Doesn’t it seem, though, as if we live more often in a world of NO? In this book, we will explore the difference between these two seemingly simple words, and examine why they have such a profound and powerful effect on our emotions, our bodies, our beliefs, and our spirit throughout our entire lives.

Learning to live in The YES Frequency may seem like a Utopian dream. Most of us can think of everyday situations and needs in our daily lives that do not lend themselves to an unqualified YES in any way. We want more of something, or less of something, or maybe just something different, and we do not get that YES feeling about any of it. In many aspects of our lives, NO seems to be the largest feeling.

As our personal wish lists emerge in our minds, our desires become clearer and we review our innermost dreams. Often we hear NO even from our own quiet, internal response. We live from the inside out. What we think and feel internally colors our perspective, our experience, and our belief systems in the outer world.

NO has become synonymous with what we call “reality.” We can justify NO with pragmatism. Be “real”: you know we cannot have, do, and be that—whatever that is that we wish to be when we listen to the dreams inside ourselves. In this “realistic” space, we incorporate NO into our internal vocabulary almost from birth.

Some of these NO responses come from well-meaning people who care deeply about us, from our social groups and cultures, which define the rules and regulations of expected behavior. After many years of well-practiced repetition, we eventually internalize the NO, which in most cases profoundly affects our subconscious in a negative way. At some point, this answer becomes spontaneous—an unconscious instant response.

NO signifies an absolute sense of limitation, but YES represents an open field of possibilities. YES resonates within and places you in tune with The YES Frequency. It creates endless possibilities, offering a lifeline to a more expansive, unlimited, and fulfilling world. In the chapters ahead, I will teach you how to incorporate a new attitude of YES into your daily life.

YES is a magic word—especially in English. I haven’t found any foreign language equivalents that have the same uplifting energy change that the English word YES gives. Repeat YES!

Get yourself in a comfortable, uncluttered, quiet place, and for three minutes, just say YES, over and over: YES, YES, YES… Just by repeating this word, you will feel a gentle uplifting of your spirit.

I have seen it work over and over again. For example, I had a client who was in a bad situation. I told her to repeat YES a thousand times every day for seven days. Guess what happened on the seventh day? Miracles started happening—energy shifted, everything changed, because she altered her subconscious mind. She shifted her frequency, and by doing so was able to receive positive changes. After those seven days, she said to me, “If I can do this, anyone can.”

 About the Author

Gary Quinn is a life coach, a television host, a television producer, and an intuitive who works with angelic forces. He is the founder of the Touchstone For Life Coaching Certification Program and The Angelic Intervention Coaching Program. He is the author of several books, including Angel Awakenings, An Angel Forever, Living in the Spiritual Zone, and May the Angels Be with You. He lives in Los Angeles. Connect with Gary at


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