About Me

I am Abeer Jabaji and I am a Personal/Life Coach. After years of struggling to know the answers to why, I have finally arrived at this moment in my life where I embraced my destiny. I lived a normal happy childhood till the age of ten and then suddenly I lost it all. My family was torn apart and I grew up very fast.  Through pain and struggle my personality was shaped. Life took me on many winding roads. I got married and then divorced and became a single mom with three kids. I started numerous businesses and closed them down. I was going around aimlessly with no direction and no passion. I came to a point where I was broke and broken. There were mouths to be fed and bills to be payed but nothing really worked for me.  I had no hope for the future and there was no hope in my heart. I have walked to the very edge. One day I woke up and just couldn’t take it anymore! I was so fed up feeling this way all the time, so I decided to change!  yes.. Just like that! It took sheer will power and perseverance but I have decided to turn my life around.. I stopped feeling sorry for myself and took full responsibility for my actions. That’s when I faced myself and accepted the fact that I was an equal participant in everything that had happened to me. I made peace with that and decided to stand on my feet. I enrolled in a Holistic Healing course for four years to better know and heal myself and others. It was my ticket to a new me. I was reborn. I knew that I had this gift a long time ago. I have always loved listening to people and helping them on their quest in life but I never thought that this would be my own path one day. I continued to work on myself and proceeded to study more. I took up meditation and yoga. I did numerous courses in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), the Law of Attraction and Sacred Activation Healing among others. I then went on to become a certified Life Coach. I became me at last doing what I love the most and that is helping others become the best that they are and can be.