I can show  you how to change.  I can help you discover your life again. It’s not easy to admit that we all need help at one point in our life. I needed help badly and I found it.

I will help you realize that your best life is yet to come. In fact your life has just begun.. You will start to feel more empowered and ready to face anything. You will create a new vision and find your passion.  You will come to love your life again and be happy.

I will address your individual and unique needs and aspirations and guide you to take control of your emotions and build your confidence and strength so that you can better deal with negative emotions. I will motivate you to move forward and live your fulfilling life on your own.

If you are unhappy about where you are right now and are not living up to your full potential, I am here to help you!

Why personal coaching works?

Personal coaching provides support to individuals wishing to make significant changes happen within their lives. It helps individuals to explore what they want in life and how they might achieve their aspirations and fulfill their needs.

How does coaching work:

-Listening and being there: Every person on a basic level already ‘knows’ what he or she should be doing. Telling them what to do and giving them advice is not helpful. At a fundamental level a coach merely plays the role of a sounding board. Seems simple! However when you really think about it, when was the last time you felt truly listened to?  In your busy life when you go running around from morning till night, how often do we get a chance to sit with a problem, and to think it through fully? when do we have someone who is completely focused on listening to us, not just our words, but also listening at a deeper level to the meaning between the lines, listening to what is unspoken, and listening to the emotions in the midst of the silence without passing judgement. One of the biggest gifts that a coach can offer you is deep listening.

-Curiosity : During the deep and focused listening, the curiosity arises of why? Why is it this way? What makes you think this? Where does it come from? These questions and many more gets the coachee to stop and look at the ‘obvious’ with a fresh perspective. This curiosity, free from judgement, helps us re-evaluate our thinking. Deep questions that arise from deep listening can lead to our ‘aha’ moments. It is these questions that can lead a coachee from “Yes, I know I should probably be doing that.” to “Oh, now I understand what has been preventing me from taking action!”

-Challenge: At times we tend to sink into our comfort zones, it’s not called a comfort zone for nothing! It’s comfortable! We like it. Coaching helps us to get out of our comfort zones, by taking small steps. We want to stretch and flex our skills and muscles, without creating such huge leaps that we end up in the panic zone. If we are not challenged from time to time, we don’t grow.

-Our ‘aha’ moments: My most favorite part of the coaching session is when a client says:  “Oh, I didn’t think of it that way before!” It is this shift in thinking that clears the blockages. The new insight gained creates new energy and momentum to move forward.

-Accountability: Once we’ve arrived at a point where we know what the next step is, we need to ensure that life doesn’t get in the way, that we don’t lose focus on our goals. As an accountability partner, a coach will help you to break down your goals into achievable pieces and support you in your progress. Accountability partners increase your likelihood of success.

-Support: Let’s face it: We all need more support. It helps you go that extra mile. We all need someone who will cheer us on and encourage us.

These are just a few of the valuable tools and skills that are used in a coaching session. In this world of increasing demands with decreasing connection and support, the benefits of a coaching relationship is becoming more valuable.