1 The Piper

You walked by my open window

A piper weaving an exquisite tapestry of tunes

My spirit resonated to your melodies

My heart broke free from its chains

I soared beyond perception

I sailed beyond confines

I left all behind

And followed you along the lane of no return

I followed you up high mountains

And down steep ravines

I followed you through the deserts

And through the pouring rains

I followed you till my feet were bleeding

I followed you till my body was freezing

I followed you a piper

Weaving an exquisite tapestry of dreams

And when you led me to the raging ocean

I followed you knowing I could not swim

I followed you when the waters came rushing in

I cried for you while the waves pulled me down

But you turned back and never looked behind

Forging forward with sure strides

Cutting across the dunes

A piper weaving an exquisite tapestry of tunes

2 Parallel Worlds

You on your path

Me on my quest

You follow a star

 I follow a comet

You reside in your abode of order

I reside in a maze

You are mired in your habits I flirt with anarchy

We are both travelers in parallel worlds

That will never meet

Different in many ways

Yet the same


What if…just for a while

A quest becomes a path

A star explodes into comets

An abode of order becomes a maze

And anarchy is a habit

What if…parallel lines could meet

And scientific constants cease to exist

Only because when we touch

 It is …..fire

3 Intoxicated Moment 

Will you think of me in the night

when voices fade to ether

and silence becomes

a shelter for restless souls

when destiny brings you yet again

to an intoxicated moment

just before sleep dethrones your sanity

Will you then whisper to me softly

and caress my dreams in your heart

will you tell me your deepest longings

and use me as a pillow for your troubled soul

will you keep me as a hostage

 till dawn pays my ransom

and then release me to a morning wind

that will carry me back….

back to where I belong

To be kept there

And only borrowed

When nights are too long

And moments are intoxicating

4 Say it

Say it again

One more time

Because life is too short

Because the pain is too deep

Because the sun might freeze

Because my tears will fall

If you don’t say

You love me

One more time

One last time

 5 Crucifixion

I lay crucified along the path of four horizons

My blood seeping through my fingers

Unto the soils of fate

My pain has blossomed flowers of longing

All the way to heaven

And in the shimmering darkness

When hope is no more

I face my god

And I see the world contained within a single tear

That slides down the face of a child

Who has lost all

We have come to bury our dead

Chanting sorrow and desolation

Our voices rising in disbelief

“ Oh please take us back

where it all began

Oh please take us back

 let us find our peace”

Destruction is a banner that gathers us unto its folds

United for once… in defeat

Our legacy…  a river of blood that runs so deep

Haunted forever by a history brimming with lies

And slaughtered prophets on the altar of greed

We turn our faces towards a dying sun

Heralding a chronicle of deceit

 Everything changes

 And yet not at all

We’ve walked this wicked path a thousand times before

And now..

So tangible…our fear

looming above us… a question so profound

so real

How did we get to here?

How did we ever get to here?

6 Musica

I drown into the beauty

Let the music consume me into its madness

My senses are chiseled into endless desires

My shards fall everywhere in beautiful disarray

Reflecting my pain and joy

And from the dungeons of my soul

I am released into the beyond

 Gyrating, twisting happily lost into the mist

Oh music…you hold me forever

Imprisoned within your core

I am your willing slave…

 your loving slave

your pious slave

Worshipping at your feet